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FreeBSD Email Server

07/28/2006 - I am working on building a new email server for my employer.  The new server will run FreeBSD as the OS of choice.  Since I don't profess to being a *nix admin, I have spent a considerable amount of time searching the interent for some help with respect to documentation. In my travels I have found a few references which I plan on merging into a single "How-To", specific to my requirements.

Reference Links

Build a Mail Server with Commodity Hardware and FreeBSD, Part 1. Use simple PC hardware and freely-available open source software to offer e-mail services. By David S. Markowitz

Build a Mail Server with Commodity Hardware and FreeBSD, Part 2 (the Extras). How to expand a basic e-mail server system with virus protection, spam detection, and Webmail access. By David S. Markowitz

Securing a FreeBSD System is the first step.  This document takes the user through the process of installing and securing a new system.  I am not the original author for this document.  How to install a secure bsd system 

"Keeping FreeBSD up-to-date: A Security Odyssey" is another reference I am using. The original documentation can be found at taosecurity.com/keeping_freebsd_up-to-date.html

Step One : Installing a Fresh OS


When I am finished creating an initial starting point "How-To", I will post a link here <future-link>


Step 2 : Creating the email server

The next step involves customizing the new server into an email server. My ultimate goal is to build an email server using Mail::Toaster email server scripts. This link has a good set of instructions for building a secure email server...but it lacks the intial loading process for FreeBSD.