23-09-2020 17:46:37

Summary Of Projects

Project Summary Listing

This is a short list of projects I am currently working on.


My sister decided she wanted to get onto the internet bandwagon. I built her website initially as a showcase for the farm and horses, but in time she decided she wanted an on-line store.  Then she decided she wanted to sell more than equestrian supplies.

For more information go to http://www.hobbyhillfarm.com/


Club-Minder is a golfer's best friend. Picture yourself getting out of the cart to hit a short chip-shot onto the green, only to realize that you've lost your pitching wedge. You seem to remember using it 2 holes back. To make things worse, it's Saturday and Ranger Rick is keeping the play fast moving...What to do ??

This golfer would not have lost a club if he/she had been using Club-Minder. In short, Club-Minder is a cell phone size electroinc device that, if used according to instructions, will help the golfer to never loose another club again.

Club-Minder is a family business venture.

For more information go to http://www.club-minder.com/