23-09-2020 17:37:49


This folder is a container of links and documents I use to learn FreeBSD.

m0n0wall firewall

M0n0wall is an open source firewall distribution built on FreeBSD-4.10. The entire system fits on a 64mb compact flash card and runs on most intel based motherboards as well as embeded systems. M0n0wall is as easy to setup as any Linksys router but with commercial strength. I am by no means a developer for this project, but do try to spend time both learning from and helping other users, via the list server associated at this site. 

For more information go to http://m0n0.ch/wall/

FreeBSD Email Server using Mail::Toaster Scripts

Our email server at work is showing some age and needs to be upgraded. Since I am becoming more comfortable with FreeBSD, I am working towards migrating our existing mail server to this platform


FreeBSD Web Server

I am working on building a web server using FreeBSD as the OS with Apache+SSL, PHP, MySQL. The websver will host several domain websites and have SSL security.