23-09-2020 18:35:15

What is MODx

MODx is a content management system (CMS) written in php using a MySql backend database. Basically it is an open-source application, free to use (minimal restrictions), which allows anyone ~ from anywhere, to manage the content for a website.

The keyword is "content"...not design. The design part is taken care by using templates, which is essentially how the presentation is kept separate from the data. In terms of this CMS, the data is what you are reading, and is stored in a database. What it looks like, fonts, colors and pictures, are the presentation.

For more information about MODx goto http://www.modxcms.com/.

The links in the navigation section directly under Modx are sample pages for each template designs. The content for each page will  be the same. The only difference will be the presentation (look-n-feel) of the page design.

Some of these templates I have built myself. Others have been imported from other designers. Where a template has been borrowed, credit to this designer is listed in the footer.